Friday, 18 August 2017

A Witch's Garden: Bay

A Witch's Garden: Bay 
(Laurus nobilis)

The bay grows as a tree - the laurel, but it does grow slowly so it does very well in pots if you have a small garden. You can pick the bay leaves all year round.

Bay probably gets its association with psychic powers from being used in incense at the Delphic oracle.

Add bay to any spell work to give it a bit of a power boost.

Used dried bay leaves in incense blends to purify, cleanse, protect and bless your home and also to increase your spiritual and magical connections when in ritual.

Bay can also be used in pouches and powders to help increase your creativity and inspiration. Place a bay leaf under your pillow to bring insightful dreams. Write a wish on a bay leaf and bury it, burn it or send it off into the wind for it to come true.

Hang a bundle of bay leaves (or if you are feeling creative make a bay wreath) above your door to bring protection to your home. Also carry a bay leaf with you for personal protection and strength.

Bay Charm for strength

Add bay leaves and marigold petals to a pouch and carry it with you to bring strength and energy, you could also use a yellow or orange pouch to add a bit of colour magic to it.

Bay Incense for Cleansing

Equal amounts of:
Bay leaf
Cinnamon stick
Rose petals
Pop in a small amount of myrrh or frankincense resin

Bay Magical Properties:

Protection, purification, strength, power, healing, creativity, spirituality, psychic powers
Ruling planet – Sun
Sign – Aries, Leo
Element – Fire
Gender – Masculine

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Blue Celestite Crystal

On a recent visit to Glastonbury a piece of celestite crystal decided to come home with me (I did pay for it first...).

Blue Celestite Crystal

Said to be an angelic stone it is used to create connections to the angelic realm. Now, I don't personally work with angels but I am using the stone to create a link to Avalon so it works for me.

The name is from the Greek word meaning 'celestial'.

It can be used for meditation, channelling and to find wisdom and communication with the divine, spirit guides and ascended beings on other planes of existence.  Definitely a useful stone to use for astral travel too.

Celestite brings balance, communication, organisation, clarity, clear speech and it cleanses the aura.  It can help reduce stress, worry, fear and anxiety bringing a positive hopeful energy.

This stone works well with the crown and throat chakras but helps bring energy and balance to all of the chakra points.

Taking you into the spiritual realms celestite is a cosmic teacher and can help guide you on your spiritual journey and development.

Definitely a stone to help you find the truth of a matter it can also help resolve conflict and bring harmony.

It brings peace and strength to help you discover new beginnings and to trust in your own intuition and abilities.

Soothing, gentle and calming to your mind monkeys, Celestite can help you find quiet and your centre spot.