Friday, 23 June 2017

A Witch's Garden: Borage

Rachel Patterson kitchen witch
(Borage officinalis)

Found in gardens for centuries borage is a hardy annual with blue star shaped flowers from early summer right through until autumn and green leaves with a stem that is covered in white hairs. Left to its own devices it will self seed quite happily.

Increase your psychic abilities by drinking borage tea.

Keep borage flowers on the table when you do any kind of divination to help the reading.

Sprinkle borage around the house to bring in protection and use indoors to keep a peaceful household.

Roman soldiers would eat borage and medieval knights had the flower embroidered on scarves to bring them courage in battle - carry borage with you for courage and insight.

Use borage to bring about happiness (Pliny claimed that borage makes you happy) and to uplift your spirits.

It also works very well in a nice glass of chilled Pimms…

Borage Magical Properties:
Psychic powers, courage, protection, happiness, peace
Ruling planet – Jupiter
Sign – Leo, Aquarius
Element – Air
Gender – Masculine

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Witch's Garden: Evening Primrose

A Witch's Garden: Evening Primrose


A species of herbaceous flowering plants that generally have yellow flowers, the flowers open in the evening.

This plant is closely aligned with the moon and has strong feminine energies.

The faeries love this flower so use in any faerie magic.

Traditionally used in hunting rituals and to honour hunting deities but as we don’t often sling a bow and arrow over our shoulders and pop out to catch our dinner these days it can be used in workings to ‘hunt down’ things such as jobs or relationships.

Evening Primrose Magical Properties:

Feminine energy, Moon magic, faerie, hunting
Ruling planet – Moon
Element – Water
Gender - Feminine