Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Revealing the Green Man

Revealing the Green Man by Mark Olly

Perhaps one of the most well known and easily recognisable images even outside of the pagan world, this book brings together a wealth of stories and myths all centred around the 'green leafy one'.

The official blurb:

Revealing the Green Man is designed to impart a practical revelation of a deep and ancient mystery through actual archaeological and historic case studies which point to personal intellectual and spiritual enlightenment affecting everyone alive today. The book is not just a lazy stroll through entertaining stories of some lost mystery cult, but a resurrection of a long and ancient religion as old as time itself which is now challenging us to care for our environment here in the modern world. The Green Man proves himself to be a great deal more than a cute chubby face peering at us through a veil of leaves, rather he could be said to be a true representation of the very essence of life itself.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

New Moon Money

Today (29th November 2016) is the New Moon and the moon is in Sagittarius.

Usually I work some specific new moon magic but I thought I would share with you a simple working that I do every new moon.

I print an abundance cheque - you can download these from the internet in all sorts of colours and designs, just type 'abundance cheque' into Google and select the images tab.

I make the cheque out to me.
In the amount you can write whatever you feel is correct for you, something like 'paid in full' is general or you can write 'prosperity and abundance' or if you prefer to write an amount put '£600/$600 this and more'.
You can either leave the date blank or write ASAP or the date of the new moon.
In the account box I usually write 'the universe'.
Then I sign it and you can always write 'thank you' as well.

I fold the cheque three times and draw a pentagram on each fold.

I charge the cheque by holding it in my hands and drawing energy from around me and visualising what I want/need.

The cheque then gets popped into a lovely green man pot I have, to this I then add herbs and spices if I feel the need - cinnamon, chillies and dried mint work well but go with your intuition.

Then I put the lid on and the working is done.

The pot sits on my altar until the next new moon.

On the next new moon I take the folded cheque out and burn it returning the ashes to the earth in my garden and write a new cheque.